U.S. Postal Service offers special Valentine’s Day postmarks

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and now there’s an original way to add a little something extra to your greeting card.

This year, you can get your cards postmarked from towns like Beauty, Kentucky; Bliss, New York; Hartsville, Tennessee; Loveland, Colorado; Paradise, Pennsylvania; Lovely, Kentucky; or Valentine, Nebraska.

KTRK-TV Houston, TX

Here’s more info courtesy of USPS:

Simply address the card to that special person, use a First-Class Mail postage stamp and put it into a larger envelope, also with postage, address it to VALENTINE’S DAY POSTMARK, POSTMASTER, and then add any of the locations listed below to get that town’s postmark by FEBRUARY 5th:

7815 Beauty Rd, BEAUTY, KY 41203-9998 
6664 Route 362, BLISS, NY 14024-9998 
200 W Main St, HARTSVILLE, TN 37074-9998 
446 E 29th St, LOVELAND, CO 80538-9998 
1423 River Front Rd, LOVELY, KY 41231-9998 
239 N Hall St, VALENTINE, NE 69201-9998 
1 Leacock Rd, PARADISE, PA 17562-9998

OR for those not quite feeling the love this Valentine’s Day:

1701 S Main St, BROKEN ARROW, OK 74012-9998 
4722 Waisanen Rd, EMBARRASS, MN 55732-9998 
101 S Edwards St, INDEPENDENCE, CA 93526-9998 
1701 El Nido, DIABLO, CA 94528-9998 
665 6th St, SOUR LAKE, TX 77659-9998 
3701 US 52 Hwy, COWARD, SC 29530-9998